Hybrid IT Optimization

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    Prioritizing Application Migration
    The critical challenge for organizations today is how do I craft a strategy for digital transformation. The key is to develop a framework for
    optimizing the business applications that extend business processes, engage customers and drive business performance.
    But running these key business applications in the traditional on premises environment is not the path to digital transformation.
    It is time to move those applications - But where do you start?

Workload Complexity vs. Business Value Mapping enables the prioritization of which workload to move first


Identify 5 critical applications for assessment


Evaluate those applications in terms of cost and complexity to migrate


Assess the business value of optimizing those applications


Step 1: Application Selection

Select up to 5 of your applications to prioritize

Progress (5%)

Ease Of Migration

Step 2: Migration - Degree of Complexity

Business Value

Step 3: Business Value of Application

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Hybrid IT optimization starts with application prioritization – determining which applications need to move to a robust and reliable 3rd party platform whether it be colocation, managed hosted or cloud.

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